About Us

The company, Fusionace range of products is based on the latest scientific discovery in FUS–ON Technology that strengthens metal parts. FUS–ON Technology products impregnate into metal surface to form a new crystalized layer of very strong metal that protect the original softer layer beneath it. It is uniquely differentiated from the standard additives in the market which strengthen the oil film.

Fusionace core businesses are; Maintenance / Business Solution and Energy Saving Solution. The business focus is industries. The Company provide guarantee on business cost saving of up to 30% in any sector of industries. Two main lines of products are provided by the Company; Metal Treatment Technological Products and oil recycling through its intensive effort the technology saw its presence in several countries in the region including China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand.

Currently, Fusionace is, which is ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFIED and licensed by American Petroleum Institute to produce its lubricants.